Well, this is it.   I guess this is “The Ultimate Word” in that this is the last posting in “The Penultimate Word” series.  As of today, this blog will cease publication.  Oh, I will leave it on the internet in case you may want to go back to previous postings.  But there will be no new ones.  And after a reasonable time, I will remove it.

It has been a remarkable experience for me to post these 2,000 postings.  I sincerely hope you have appreciated them.  It is time for me to move on to something new.

And, to be honest, I don’t have the foggiest idea what that means.  I will take some time and then weigh my options and decide what comes next.   I feel the need to do some more serious writing, but I don’t know what form that will take.

My attempt has been to increase our vocabulary by publishing these posts.  I said “our” intentionally.  In many cases I was learning the word at the same time you were.

Keep increasing your vocabulary.   It’s not hard.  I read the New York Times every day, and I find that there is always a new word there for me to chew on.  You may have other sources.   Let them enrich you.

In a sense, this is an obituary, as well.  Jed Waverly will be put to rest with this post.  Who knows who will step in to take his place?  I don’t.   Keep watching.  You may or may not recognize me in future efforts.   That’s okay.  This isn’t about me.

These are unsettling times.  The U.S. political scene hasn’t helped.   I hope we will find a new sense of peace in the next period of life.   Do your part to help create it.

Good bye.


Jed Waverly


Photo of Sir Alex waving goodbye: Andrew Yates

PENULTIMATE: next to last…as in, this is my penultimate posting for this blog


This is the 1,999th posting I’ve made to this blog.

Tomorrow, the 2,000 posting, will be my last.  People have written to ask if I’m sick and dying, moving, or some other tragic reason.

No, I’m just moving on to something new.  It’s not perfectly clear what that will be, but I have a couple of projects that are circulating around this aging brain of mine.   I expect that after a few weeks of “sabbatical” from writing anything, I will be ready to focus on my task.

The point is, I’m not giving up.   Oh, I may not write the Pulitzer Prize novel I’ve always dreamed of.  And I’m quite sure the New Yorker or the Atlantic are not waiting with bated breath for me to submit my short stories.  It will probably be something more restrained than that.

But the Dell Vostro 1510 is not going to gather dust.   It’s just going to put on its bathing suit and sit in the sun for a few weeks.

I’m not sure what I’m going to write about tomorrow.   I’ve left thinking about that until now.  I’ll spend some quiet time today cogitating on the subject.  It probably won’t be earth-shattering. But, like David (Papi) Ortiz, I’m facing my last day at bat, and I hope it’ll be something out of the park.

See you tomorrow.




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