OIL SPILL: a crisis no longer waiting to happen

The massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and its resulting crisis for the residents of the Gulf Coast is a wake-up call to those pressuring for off-shore drilling. If a similar crisis were to be occurring with a nuclear power plant there would be no excuses for a permanent moratorium on the building […]

MENTAL SUMP PUMP: working overtime, but swamped

I don’t know what to write about this morning. Oh, it’s not that there aren’t options; I have a fairly long list of words about which I want to comment, and I could pull any one of them and have a go at it.  And there is plenty happening in Washington, Arizona, Afghanistan and elsewhere […]

PURIST: one who prefers unadulterated tastes (my definition)

I like my coffee black.  It hasn’t always been that way; it was an acquired taste.  Granted, I do drink decaffeinated coffee, but that’s the only variation I will accept.  Flavored coffees or cream and sugar are not on my menu. I like a Gibson every now and then, but don’t even suggest a so-called […]

SAVAGE (verb): to attack or criticize thoroughly or remorselessly

I’ve avoided the word savage in its noun form for years, ever since I became familiar with the story of James Pendleton Oakerhater. The first American Indian saint in the Episcopal Church’s Calendar of Saints, he was continually referred to as a “savage” who found religion.  It offended the American Indian population…and it become offensive […]

EDITOR’S EYE: the ability to catch written problems that will confuse the reader

Ever since I began writing this blog in October, 2009, I have been increasingly exposed to the realm of editing.   I was vaguely aware of the profession before then, but of late I have become personally involved as I befriended editors of all stripes and began to hear their stories.  Unfortunately, the primary story they […]

PARADIGM CHANGE #3: Adolescence

I remember hearing some years ago that the term adolescence was a term invented for the American young person who was transitioning between childhood and young adulthood.  The point that person (name gone in my memory) was making was that only in America could this period have such an obvious manifestation.  Obviously, that isn’t true […]