It would be dishonest and overly-dramatic for me to say that I think of Kenny Hoffman every day.  The truth is that it takes something like a Memorial Day or a college alumni/ae mailing for me to remember.  But there was a time when I remembered him daily.  It was shortly after July 25, 1968, […]

BOOKSTORE SIGNING: a writer’s lament

My author friend, Nicole Galland,  included a great little video on Facebook yesterday. The video she posted is a hilarious folk song by mystery writer Parnell Hall who sings Signing in the Waldenbooks. If you’ve ever published anything and then set out to sell it with book signings in small town bookstores, you will resonate […]

ANESTHESIA: loss of sensation or consciousness

Yesterday I had a medical procedure which required anesthesia.  It is a repeatable offense, so I’m used to it by now.  But each time it occurs I find myself thinking about the sensation of it…or, to be honest, the lack of sensation. An invention of the nineteenth century, anesthesia is the creation of artificial unconsciousness.  […]


Like every disaster in history, the Great Depression produced sidebar experiences which were colorful and memorable.   One which I will never forget is that of the men who used to arrive at our back door seeking a meal.   It was a decade or more after the primary years of the Depression, but the results were […]

MELANGE: a mixture

I chose the word melange from my “waiting list” today for the wrong reason.  Oh, it is a good word, and one which should be included in someone’s lexicon.   It means a mixture of things.  The example uses is “a melange of antennae on top of a building.” That’s pretty descriptive and gives you […]

CHIMERICAL: imaginary, unreal, elusive

An article in the New York Times yesterday (May 25) referred to the chimerical constitution of the British government.  The point of the article was to reveal that, in reality, there is no constitution for the British government; it is imaginary.  However, Parliament continues to function as if a real constitution was in existence. The […]