I love this graphic.   When you hear that it is meant to depict a parsimonious, or stingy  person, don’t you just want to nod your head and say, “For sure!”?  Doesn’t it smack of Scrooge and Henry Potter all rolled into one?  There is a reason to have intense dislike for such a person who […]

THE ECONOMY: a comprehensive term, the meaning of which escapes many people

We all talk about it and express our concern about it.  We all know something about it, some of us more than others.  But my suspicion is that…for the most part…most of us have a limited knowledge of what it means when we say the words the economy.  Unless we have studied economics or spent […]

VOLARE: fly away

I hate it when I get a tune in my mind and can’t get rid of it.  It happens all the time.  Usually I have to think of another song and start singing it to myself to over-ride the original, irritating song.  My wife and I have a deal that we don’t mention the name […]

PICALILLI: a pickle of mixed vegetables, esp onions, cauliflower, and cucumber, in a mustard sauce

It’s not a word that compares in significance to others I have chosen for comment.  It won’t approach the national economy, the war in Afghanistan, or the machinations of the members of Congress.  I doubt that it occurs in the daily language of the President of the United States, the coach of the Boston Red […]

EPHEMERAL: intended to be short-lived, temporary

An adjective like ephemeral is one which deserves a place in the “on deck circle” in a writer’s lexicon.  It not only is a useful word, it is one of those words I would label as colorful and beautiful. You might wonder if there is such a thing as a beautiful word; I think so.  […]

DISABLED: Challenged to discover new ways to function

Today is the observance of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, one of the most humane pieces of legislation to take place in the past fifty years.  With its passage and signature of the President the hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities in this country achieved full stature of citizenship and a […]