ALL HALLOW’S EVE: the night before All Saints’ Day; Hallowe’en

(I used this photo last year, but I liked it so much I thought I’d cheat and use it again.) The media has been reporting a huge problem this week.   Towns and villages all over the country struggled  to determine whether kids should “trick or treat” on today (Sunday, the Christian Sabbath) or move it […]

GOOD SAMARITAN: one who unselfishly stops to help someone in need

When Jesus is asked the simple question, “But who is my neighbor?” he responds with a parable instead of a straight answer. (He was known for doing this regularly.) In the Gospel of Luke (10:35-37) he tells the story of a man who is waylaid by thieves who beat him and steal his money.  They […]

BENIGN: not malignant

There are two distinct reactions to the word benign, although the w0rds stem from the same meaning. In the fields of radiology and oncology the word  benign is a welcome word, meaning that laboratory tests on  biopsied tissue has determined that the cells discovered in the human body are free from cancer.  The biopsy snipped […]

SOURCES: where do our interests come from?

I’m sitting at my computer listening to the Diane Rhems show  on NPR. It is one of my daily pleasures.  Today (Wednesday) it features an in-depth interview with Gary Wills, prominent historian, author, and lay theologian. At the early stage of the interview Mr. Wills indicated that he is a product of that famous culture, […]

HUMANISM: A secular ideology which espouses reason, ethics, and justice, whilst specifically rejecting supernatural and religious dogma as a basis of morality and decision-making.

The definition above, of course, is specifically related to what is called secular humanism. It is a philosophical concept which puts a great deal of emphasis on the rejection of spiritual concepts, organized religion in particular.   Humanism, which is much broader than this brand, encompasses a wide variety of expressions including Christian humanism, a distinctly […]

ENDORSEMENT: an indication of support and encouragement

There’s a big flap being reported in the national news today which originates in Rhode Island, of all places.  For the past week or more the state has been preparing for a presidential visit.  The stated purpose of it is the endorsement by President Obama of David Cicilline, the Mayor of Providence who is the […]