MEANDER: to wander aimlessly

With the onset of Spring comes the ability to wander , or meander, through the woods and the fields.  It isn’t a recognized sport; there are no prizes or awards for meandering.  While a 10K race or a mini-marathon might take place over the same route, there is a different purpose.   The race is about […]

REQUIEM IM PACE: rest in peace

It seems as though there have been a lot of deaths lately which have impacted me in one way or another.   Today we will be in the Albany area with the family and friends of a woman who has been a part of our lives for a long time.  It is just the latest. At […]

ACCOMMODATE: to make room for

For the most part we are all familiar with the story of Jesus of Nazareth, whose parents traveled to Bethlehem, only to be turned away at the inn.  There was no vacancy available that night; the owners of the inn could not accommodate them.  However, when pressed with the urgency of the situation, the owners […]


WIDGET: a manufactured device; there’s one in a beer can!

You could have knocked me over with a feather. There we were, eating a great seafood dinner, my daughter having a glass of Old Speckled Hen fine English lager  to complement the lobster.  It came in a tall, beautifully decorated can.   There was something in the can, however, that seemed to be a foreign object.   […]

TENTPEGGING: an equestrian game requiring skill with a sword or long pole

Tentpegging is an ancient sport in which a rider on a game horse uses a sword or long pole to attempt to split or lift a small object placed on or in the ground while charging down a field. However, one of its origins is Asian, in which a rider attempts to place the sharp […]