HALLOWE’EN: a celebration of ghosts?

It’s worth repeating: Hallowe’en is actually a short-hand version of the term “All Hallows’ Evening.” It stems from an ancient practice of praying for the dead and an eventual emergence of  an observance of a day when those who have died arise from their graves for a brief respite from eternal death.  It is observed […]

THE SUPREME COURT: the issue that gets hidden beneath all the sexier ones

It is early in the 2012 elections calendar for people to have selected their candidate.  The issues are swirling around pretty fast and are dripping with rhetoric and hyperbole that is common in the primary season.   The candidates are sucking up to their bases and will say almost anything to get the smile they are […]

OCTOBER RANDOM THOUGHTS: eclectic mind burps

It’s a cold-ish late October morning.  We’re headed off to a rugby game after breakfast.  I decided to be light-hearted today, so here are some reflections on a day when we are expecting our first significant snow of the year. My friend, Hetty the artist, made a great point in her FaceBook posting yesterday.  She […]

OCCUPY: to dwell in a space

The Occupy Wall Street movement is several weeks old now, and it has spread from a New York City beginning to cities and communities all over the country and into foreign countries as well.   The attempt to characterize it has baffled even the most articulate reporters who seek language from past experiences such as the […]

PROPHYLACTIC: to act in advance to prevent a disease

I know, I had the same problem.   I used to think that there was only one meaning for the word prophylactic, and it had something to do with birth control.   As a matter of fact, the device, the condom, came to be known as a prophylactic.  Until fairly recent years I thought that was the […]

HAM-HANDED: clumsy

What a strange term.   Ham-handed. But it is also a term that makes sense when you take the time to think it through.   If someone  is ham-handed they are unable to do things which require dexterity.   Instead of having delicate fingers and thumbs to accomplish detailed functions, it is as if their hands were hams […]