TANAKH: the entire canon of the Old Testament

I read a fascinating article in the New York Times this past week about a woman who teaches at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Amy-Jill Levine is the University Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies.    At first blush that might not strike you as unusual, but the story is that Dr. Levine is a Jewish scholar […]

DISINGENUOUS: lacking in candor, giving a false impression of integrity

To characterize someone as disingenuous is more than to call them a liar.  A disingenuous person is capable of leading you to believe that they are in synch with you, or support you.  However, the truth is that they secretly disregard you and oppose you.   The pain of discovering someone to be disingenuous is to […]

COPASETIC: okay, just right, all in order

My first “real job” was with Nabisco as a salesperson.   I was a disaster.  Instead of “selling” a store owner on purchased vast amounts of product, I would agree with them that business was slow and they probably didn’t need more boxes of cookies and crackers.  The company sent a man to “mentor” me on […]

BUYER’S REMORSE: a feeling of dissatisfaction with a product after purchasing it

A number of commentators have expressed the idea that the American public has buyer’s remorse after electing Barack Obama to the Presidency.   Their point is that he promised great things and has not delivered on them.  They remember his campaign as being one filled with hope, promise, and vision, but that since becoming President he […]

COPROPHILIA: a sensitive concept; caution advised before reading

I’m serious about the comment in the title.  This is a “dirty” definition. I stumbled across the term coprophilia in an article in Sunday’s New York Times in the Book Review section, of all places.  It was imbedded in an article by Dorothy Gallagher, an author, who was reviewing a new book, Eva Braun by […]


    There was a time when Pittsburgh was known as a foul, dirty city covered with coal dust.  Buildings were crusted with decay, industry was flat (nearing extinction) and the mindset of the people who lived there was just as dark.   Industry had left the city and there was an absence of hope. I […]