911: “What is your emergency?”

“911.  What is your emergency?”                                                                                                                                   “I need to report a theft.” And so the drama begins, as I spill out  the confused and unbelievable story of the intentional and dastardly act of the pilferage of a beloved item in my life:  a day.  The woman at the 911 office is appropriately bewildered , struggling to […]

THEOCRACY: a form of government in which religious law dominates over civil law

In Middle Eastern nations we have seen multiple examples of governance by religious leaders who use religious law as their guidelines.   It has been a predominant understanding in Western nations that the concept fails miserably, especially when the interpretation of religious law is literal, radically conservative and abusive.  Iran is the clearest example of this […]

ARTISTE: primarily, a live entertainer, actor, or performer

I don’t think I’ve ever watched the entire Academy Awards event from start to finish until this year.  For the first time I can remember I had seen all but a couple of the films in contention for the award, so I invested more of an interest in the annual glitter, and I’m not disappointed […]

REACTIONARY: violently opposed to progressive change

In all the mud-slinging and name-calling we have experienced in the political battles over the past year, one word seems to be missing.  Reactionary.  We hear about liberals, ultra-liberals, conservatives and ultra-conservatives.  Left, right, moderate.    But the term reactionary has been missing, at least from my ears. It is a good, descriptive word for those […]

SISYPHUS SYNDROME: being compelled to repeat a self-defeating practice continuously

According to ancient Greek mythology, Sisyphus was a man who undertook activities that were deemed inappropriate.  He was punished by being forced to roll a huge boulder up the side of a steep mountainside in the attempt to get it to the top.   Every time he came close to the top the boulder would roll […]

POLL: the report of a random sampling of peoples’ opinions

There comes a point where too much information clogs the intellectual system.  Try as one might, though, you can’t turn off the spigot.   The information just keeps coming and coming. I feel that way about political polls these days.  Every day there are poll statistics reported that try to assess the latest trends in political […]