LOQUACIOUS: tending to talk too much or too freely

I suspect that we all know someone who tends to talk too much.   The polite and genteel word for that is to be loquacious, a seventeen century word from the Latin meaning “talkative.”    Sit com shows since the fifties (i.e. I Love Lucy ?) have featured people who just can’t stop talking.   People walk […]

VALOR: bravery, courage, especially in the face of battle

I’m not much for shoot-em-up movies.   Usually I will avoid them in favor of less violent films.   But at the suggestion of one of our children we went to see Act of  Valor.  It is a story of a team of  Navy Seals who are up against terrorists who have threatened the security of the […]

EIDETIC MEMORY: (I-detik) Photographic memory, perfect recall

There seems to be a fascination with so-called “photographic memory” these days.   Known medically as eidetic memory, it is the ability to recall incidents, images, information and technical data with no (or few) flaws.  I suspect everybody has known, or known about someone who supposedly had perfect recall, although it is probably a relative thing, […]

GUMPTION: having spunk

Someone might say that having gumption is the same thing as “taking initiative.”  Not quite.  They may refer to the same process, but there is more to gumption than the cerebral act of initiating something. Gumption is the act of undertaking something that others might deem impossible or unwise.  There is an energy to gumption.  […]

CONTEMPLATIVE: to be free from the distractions which block a state of pure inner peace

There are times when words don’t work.   Try as I might, I find myself struggling with words to describe what I am  feeling, what I am seeking, what I am  experiencing. It is in those times that I  find myself most open to the idea that all things are not covered by the intellect.  There […]

PROFILE: to assess someone based upon race, ethnicity, or other distinguishing feature

The nation is reeling from recent events which have shaken us  from the tip of Florida to the northwestern corner of the State of Washington.  The volatile issue of race and ethnicity has reared it ugly head once again, just proving to us that our idealistic hopes that we had arrived at a colorblind society […]