ZEITGEIST [TSAHYT-gahyst] : what’s happening in a specific environment at a particular time

Wikipedia says zeitgeist is “ the general cultural, intellectual, ethical, spiritual, or political climate within a nation or even specific groups, along with the general ambiance, morals, sociocultural direction, and mood associated with the current era.”   That’s a lot of words, but they make sense.   Zeitgeist is a term that comes directly from the German […]

BOOKISH: spends more time reading than living life

I put a high premium on reading.   If a child gets nothing more out of first grade than the ability and desire to read it has been a successful year.  I’m awed by young families that come into the coffee shop, take their places around a table, the parent takes out the newspaper and the […]

WELL, HERE IT IS, POSTING NUMBER 1,000. Remember that if you comment on this posting, your name will be put into a hat and one name will be selected to win a Starbucks gift card!

______________________________________________________________________   Clearing the Air   In reading over the past 999 posts it occurs to me that I have skirted the issue on some posts, trying not to upset people I know would disagree with me.   It’s been convenient to use euphemisms from time to time to avoid outright disagreement with people.   Reading over […]

The Penultimate Posting: Tomorrow will be my 1,000th Blog Posting!

In October, 2009, I posted my first ever blog posting along with a promise that it would be the first posted every day.   Except for a couple of days when I was in the hospital and one when my technology failed, I’ve kept that promise and TOMORROW, AUGUST 29, 20112, WILL BE MY 1,000th POSTING […]

ETIOLATE [EE-tee-uh-leyt] : to cause to become weakened or sickly; drain of color or vigor.

Yes, those are carrots in the photo to the right.   They are white carrots, which, I discovered, is the original color of carrots.  The article I read about them indicated that the Dutch wanted to create a vegetable that carried the color orange found in their flag, so they played with the genes of the […]

SIMIAN [SIM-ee-uhn] : referring to apes or monkeys

A recent newspaper article described a person’s simian-like gesture.  Not to be left totally in the dark, I began my research and discovered that simian is a term which means “monkey or ape-like.”   I’m not sure now whether the author of the article was being complimentary or not, and I can’t exactly remember where I […]