A LINE IN THE SAND: to establish a boundary that cannot be crossed without retailiation

A line in the sand

A Line in the Sand is a  phrase that is so common that it takes very little explanation.    It stems from the practice of creating a demarcation limit.   Quite simply, a line is drawn in the sand and the opposition is told that they are free to take whatever actions they require on the other […]

PROTOTYPE: the original model upon which something is based


The term prototype seems to be used most frequently in the automobile industry.   That doesn’t mean anything in terms of rates of favorability.   It is only a commentary on our interest level.   Magazines publish material that they are sure people want to see.   Few of us are interested in the latest prototype, for instance, of […]

MOUE [moo] : pout


I have no idea what inspired me to write the word moue on my word list.  Sometime, for some reason, that word popped into my circle of awareness, and I thought to myself, “That would be a great word to use.”  But I don’t have a clue as to where I read it, or what […]

EXTEMPORANEOUS [ik-stem-puh-REY-nee-uhs]: words delivered without written notes


Over the past several days and weeks a lot has been made over the discovery that the “I have a dream“  portion of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s  famous speech in 1963 was not a written part of the script.    While it is clearly the most memorable of the words of that speech, the phrase was […]

PEDESTRIAN: 2 meanings: a person who walks/ very ordinary, uninspiring


I have chosen a very interesting word for our post for today.   That’s an oxymoron, in case you didn’t notice it.  By declaring pedestrian  to be “very interesting” I have snared you into a conflict.  Pedestrian, by definition,  is a word which means “ordinary, uninspiring.” So which is it?  Is the word pedestrian interesting, or […]

CHEMICAL WARFARE: using the toxic properties of chemical substances as weapons.

chemical warfare

It has been fairly well substantiated that chemical warfare was utilized in Syria over the past couple of weeks.   There had been previous reports of use of deadly chemicals to kill rebellious Syrians, but the evidence was shaky.   This time the evidence includes the deaths of several hundred people and the reported illnesses of hundreds.  […]