PREPOSTEROUS [pri-POS-ter-uhs]: absurd; senseless; utterly foolish


I wrote a blog posting recently in which I cautioned against the flippant use of superlatives.   I think it was good advice.   But every now and then there is an appropriate use of a superlative, and this may be one.  What I am going to write  about is not just bad, or even awful.  It is preposterous. 

That is to say, it is, as the title tells you, absurd, senseless and foolish.

It probably doesn’t take a lot of thinking for you to expect that I am talking about the action taken by the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday in Washington.  Determined to make an  ideological point about their hatred of the Affordable Care Act (and President Obama!) the Republicans in the House continued to insist that in order to approve the action required to fund the bills they have already accumulated,    the ACA must be either eliminated or delayed.

Note to Republicans:    The Affordable Care Act was:

  1. approved by both houses of Congress, including the House of Representatives
  2. challenged in the courts and found to be constitutional by the Supreme Court
  3. the basis for the President’s re-election campaign, and he WON overwhelmingly
  4. challenged 41 times by you in the current and past session, and failed to pass 41 times.

It is preposterous that you refuse to accept that it is the LAW OF THE LAND!

Furthermore, it is preposterous that you believe it is appropriate to attach  the ACA to the bill funding our already-incurred debt.  You passed the legislation that approved the spending.   You spent the money.  Now it is time to pay the bill.   What kind of consumer are you that you refuse to approve a bill for the meal you have already eaten?   Shame on you.

This is not about funds.  It is about hatred.   There is no place for such hatred in the halls of Congress.   Instead of waiting to be tossed from your jobs in the 2014 election, you should resign, just as you have required other members of Congress to resign when they have disgraced themselves.

Your action to jeopardize the financial status of this country by driving us into default is preposterous.


Photo Credit: LoL by: TheMudPieDog

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