VICTORY: that which is ascribed to a winner, not a loser


This morning is a morning of victory…for the American people.   The entire Congress (meaning both houses) and the President have signed the legislation to re-open the government and to issue a temporary relief in the debt ceiling debate.  It’s not ideal, but it’s a victory, nonetheless.

It is not a victory for the President…yet.   The deal reached is limited in time, so it means going through this same silly game in a couple of months.  There is much to be done in the United States government, and wasting time on these politically-loaded issues is a distraction.  He knows it and speaks about it.  But it has been handed to him, and he will have to deal with it. Hopefully there is a smoother road to success following this debacle.

It is not a victory for the Republicans. They had a specific plan in mind and that plan failed.  The Affordable Care Act is intact, and the message is clear that it’s going to remain intact as long as this President is in office…and hopefully beyond.  They made fools of themselves and destroyed their credibility…even among Republicans.   Their prospects in the upcoming 2014 elections is much more limited as a result of this obnoxious battle.

And…it is not a victory for Ted Cruz and his limited-vision Tea Party Republicans.  They tried to bring about an upset and instead they found themselves sprawled on the floor of the House, trampled on by even their fellow Republicans.  They were being taught a lesson, but they don’t seem to have learned anything from it.  Even this morning Senator Cruz is bloviating about how they made a point that the Democrats need to pay attention to.  And that was?

The Victory is ours, in that the Government goes back to work.  Funding is restored to much-needed programs, and the debt ceiling has not been shattered beyond repair.  Somehow, it is a shallow victory.  The battle never should have happened.


Photo Credit: Jeff Malet

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