EPIPHANY: to show forth; to disclose

star2Today, January 6, is observed throughout Christianity as The Feast of The Epiphany. The tradition is characterized by the arrival of visitors from “the East” to honor the newborn baby Jesus. These visitors are depicted as kings or wise men;  my Priest spoke yesterday of them being astrologers. Their very existence depends upon the degree of veracity you ascribe to the biblical Birth Narratives.

I see this scenario more as a metaphor than a historical account. The authors of the Christian Gospels were attempting to depict Jesus as a messiah for the whole world…not just for the Jews.

The elaborate story of birth to a young woman in a cave, a bright star in the sky, shepards and sheep, and now visitors from afar all make for a great pageant…but the real significance of Jesus of Nazareth was to be revealed three decades later in a much less theatrical story. The revelation of Jesus as a teacher and revolutionary change agent in a broken society is its own form of epiphany. The world watches, listens and responds.

Graphic Credit:  Lucia Maria

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