FICTION: something feigned, invented, or imagined; a made-up story


  After having a convolutive conversation with a friend the other day about the various categorizations of writing, I thought it might be helpful to lay them out in print.  It’s as much an exercise in clarification for me as it is for you.   My medium of writing is fiction.   That is to say, […]

ASTONISHED: filled with sudden and overpowering surprise or wonder


At Grace Church this morning I was struck by the use of the word “astonished” as it appeared in the lesson from the Gospels assigned for today.   In the story that is told, Jesus is responsible for healing a man who has been blind since birth.  Those who see the newly-sighted man are astonished.   Those […]

BAD INFO: how a writer hits a brick wall by his own fault

bad info

Well, it happens to every writer, I suppose.  You send out an article about something which you are quite sure is accurate, only to discover that it’s based upon an absolutely incorrect piece of information…bad info. It happened to me today.  I had written a post for this blog which I thought was pretty good.  […]

CAN YOU TAKE ANOTHER POEM? Here’s one I wrote some time ago (December 31, 2011)

  REFRESH   It sits before me, with eyes of expectation, waiting for the dropping of the checkered flag that will signal the message that I have anticipated for many months now. My hands, at rest upon my thighs, do not quake. There is nothing about what is about to happen that is cause for […]

ESPRESSO: strong coffee made by pushing steam or boiling water through coffee grounds


I don’t know about you, but I get very confused with all the options available at coffee shops these days.   When I have to choose among espresso, latte, cappuccino, dark-roast, light-roast, etc., etc., etc.  I have to admit ignorance and just go with what I know.  Sometimes I just order a cup of decaf coffee […]

ANODYNE [AN-uh-dahyn]: soothing to the mind or feelings.


I’m jumping ahead in my list of available topics for blog postings.   I read in the NY Times today about Michelle Obama’s trip to China this week.   The journalist who prepared the article referred to the trip as an “anodyne visit.”   I scratched my head for a minute and then looked it up. Anodyne is […]