POTENTIAL COMING ATTRACTION…how about an anthology of my short stories?

writerNow let’s be clear…this is just speculation and postulation.  There’s nothing in writing, and I’m just looking for feedback on the idea.

It has been suggested to me that I gather a number of my short stories into a collection and publish them.   I really enjoy writing short stories (really short ones, especially.)    And I seem to get good reactions to them… for the most part.

People are buying short story collections.

I have a collection of several dozen stories which have been workshopped, edited, and criticized.  I have some work to do on them in response to the comments I have received.   But it would be fun for me to select them, upgrade them,  and organize them into a printable collection.

What do you think?   Is it:

  1. a good idea
  2. a bad idea
  3. premature
  4. narcissistic
  5. all of the above


Respond if you have an opinion.





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