DIGITAL CORRECTNESS: decision to print or read digital news as opposed to print news

digital correctness

 The term “Political Correctness” has been around for a long time.  We know that it means that a person has chosen to employ language which is sensitive to current trends in social consciousness.  For instance, one does not use racial slurs or insensitive language about women.    Gender references should always reflect both genders, such as […]

SENTIENT [SEN-shuhnt]: the ability to feel, perceive, or to experience


Sentient is a Latin word which moved over into English as a way of describing the phenomenon of experience which humans have apart from intelligence.  That is to say, we are able to identify the various stimuli, processes, and products of the mind which rely upon thinking, but sentience is a phenomenon which has to do […]

CLERISY [KLER-uh-see]: a privileged class of people who are well-educated


  The artist, the scholar, and, in general, the clerisy wins its way up into these places, and gets represented here, somewhat on this footing of conquest.” [Ralph Waldo Emerson; Manners; 1844.] There’s a malicious side to education that nobody wants to talk about.  It has to do with the concept that most people don’t […]

DOUBTING THOMAS: a term which refers to St. Thomas, but which has broader applications

doubting thomas

In Christian churches throughout the world today the story of the man who wasn’t convinced, St. Thomas, is told as the Gospel reading.   In the story, the disciples of Jesus have gathered in a safe place to avoid being arrested for their allegiance to Jesus.   They tell the story that they have seen and heard, […]

RAPPORT [ra-POHR]: relation; connection, especially harmonious or sympathetic relation


There are conferences, seminars, self-help groups, and numerous other categories of opportunities all over the country that are devoted to helping people, companies, and organizations promote, encourage, and establish rapport between and among people.   They range from “feel good” Sensitivity Training groups to national gatherings of Fortune 500 executives and management people.   All are aimed […]

OBJECTIVE: intended to be unbiased


Writers of non-fiction, particularly, are faced constantly with the need to distinguish their work between objective  and subjective perspectives.   If a newspaper article, for instance, is being written for the front page, the reader expects it to be somewhat objective.  That is to say, opinions of the journalist are not welcome on the front page.   […]