ENTITLED: believed to be endowed with privilege


I had a very interesting conversation with a neighbor who is ready to retire.  Only partially because of age.  She is fed up with the people with whom she has to deal on a regular basis.  Most of them are young (meaning recent college grads or people of that age.)    Part of her job is […]

IMMIGRANT: one who seeks a new life in a new country


The discussions about immigration into the United States quickly become a mixture of fact, fiction, and emotions.  Too many times, it seems, the emotions carry the day. Caught up in the midst of this emotional turmoil are the subjects, the immigrants.   They are not the laws,  the rules, the statistics or the biases.   They […]

WEEKEND: the end of a week, especially the period of time between Friday evening and Monday morning


Yes, it’s Saturday, and the weather is absolutely beautiful in southern New England.  We have been fortunate that, after such a horrendous winter and “spring?” the weekends have been picture-book perfect.  Great temps.  Manageable humidity.  No rain.  Just like the travel brochures promise. So it’s the weekend.   Or, at least, that’s what most people think.  […]

QUOTE: “Nature doesn’t know mathematics; but nature demonstrates mathematics.”

moon phases

My coffee shop friend, Dr. Pavlides, shared another quote with me the other day.  I think I’m paraphrasing it, but as I remember it he said, “Nature doesn’t know mathematics; but nature demonstrates mathematics.”  I new immediately what he was saying, but the concept was not to leave me and has been rattling around in […]

FRIVOLOUS: unconcerned about or lacking any serious purpose.


Why is it that when things get bad, we look for the simplest answers to correct the situation?   Right now the State of Rhode Island has the worst unemployment rate in the country.  The capitol  City of Providence is in the midst of a struggling recovery from a massive economic downturn.  Industry has left the […]

BEST: the superlative form of the word “good”

thumbs up

It seems as if every time I turn around there is something popping up on my screen that says things like: The BEST vacation spots in the U.S. The BEST small towns to live in in America. The BEST pizza in America. The BEST beaches for swimming. The BEST films for 2014. The list goes […]