BASH: to criticize; to join in the destructive criticism of someone or something.

There are many meanings for the term bash, but the one I want to focus upon is the act of criticizing someone unmercifully.   It usually includes the idea that the bashing doesn’t necessarily include the truth.  The accusations being leveled toward someone or something are fabricated or exaggerations upon a menial infraction.



A friend included the chart called “5 YEARS OF OBAMA”  in something he posted on Facebook yesterday.   It tells the reader about the accomplishments that have taken place during the 5 years of the Obama administration.   It doesn’t look familiar because the story of President Obama … as told by his opponents … is that he is a failure.  His presidency has not accomplished anything of value.  I think these items listed are pretty remarkable, especially given the nasty opposition by Republicans in Congress.   To the list I would add the figures about the increased number of Americans who are covered by health insurance for the first time as a result of the Affordable Care Act which was the direct result of President Obama’s efforts.

He has been bashed over and over again, leading many Americans to believe that his administration has been the failure the opposition declares him to be.

If this kind of behavior was taking place in a Middle School, with kids “ganging up” on a student, we would call it bullying, and there would be all kinds of ramifications, including legal action against the offenders.

Facts are facts, and you can’t just change them at will in order to win a point.   Shame on those who insist upon bashing the President of the United States in order to gain political points.


llustration Credit:  Debra

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