REJOINDER: a sharp response to a comment


There are other definitions for this word, rejoinder.  They mostly have legal meanings, as in contracts and depositions.  But the most common use of the word is the one I have chosen, which has to do with conversations which are on the verge of becoming arguments. A rejoinder is a sharp or critical comment which […]

INSTANT GRATIFICATION: the need for immediate pleasure

instant gratification

Maybe you have heard of this one already:  “The Marshmallow Study.”  It refers to the social dynamics study done 40 years ago in which a small child is put into a study room.  On the table in front of the child is one marshmallow.   The child is told that she can have the one marshmallow…or…if […]

PROGRESSIVE: advocating change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are


It is the season for political surveys on the land line.   We anticipate them every evening between 5:30 and 7:00.   And, despite what the pollsters tell us, it is easy to tell whose poll it is.   They’re not all that clever at disguising their sponsors. Some of them clearly originate in another part of the […]

SCHMALTZ: overly sentimental


Yiddish is one of the most colorful languages in existence.   It is a created language, in the sense that it combines German, Russian, other Eastern European languages,  and Hebrew.  It is an informal language, often employed by comedians, but it is also a language of preference of many people who have grown up in primarily […]

RED SOX FAN: why am I still watching their games?

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees

Coming into today’s game, the Red Sox have lost 7 in a row.  It is, without a doubt, one of the worst seasons the Red Sox have seen in a long time.  The commentators seem to focus upon their inability to bring home runners who have found their way to the bases.   I can’t count […]

COMITY [KOM-i-tee]: civility, mutual relationship with others


It seems almost impossible to believe, but there was a time when members of the opposite parties in Congress actually liked each other.  Not tolerated each other, or agreed to meet occasionally.  They really liked each other. There are stories of leaders of Congress who had dinner together regularly, acted as Godparents for each other’s […]