TORT: all negligence cases as well as intentional wrongs which result in harm*


You’ll have to forgive me for this posting, but I’m reading Grisham’s latest novel, Gray Mountain.  Like almost all of his novels, there is a good amount of legal jargon. Among the legalese in the book is the term tort. I’ve been reading courtroom novels and watching courtroom drama on TV for decades, and I’ve […]

ATTORNEYS GENERAL: the case of the disputed “s”

attorneys general

I was listening to an interview on NPR this morning which caught my attention.  It was as if someone had scratched their fingernails on a chalkboard. (For those of you who are too young to remember, chalk boards were what teachers used in the classroom before whiteboards and computer screens were invented.   The sounds sends […]

DECIDE: to make a judgment or determine a preference; come to a conclusion.


It’s almost time for the mid-term election to come to a conclusion.   We’ve all struggled through millions of dollars worth of advertising to the point of exhaustion.   There are times during this process when I swear to myself that I won’t vote…I’m too frustrated with the ridiculous behavior of all the candidates in front of […]

CONCIERGE [kon-see-AIRZH]: serves guests of an apartment building, hotel, or office building with duties similar to those of a receptionist.


I suspect that we’re all familiar with the function of a hotel concierge. It’s that very helpful person (man or woman) who stands at a pedestal or desk in the lobby of a hotel and gives you all kinds of information about local restaurants, show times, cabs, tickets to games, or whatever you need to […]

TRANSGRESSIVE FICTION: writing that goes beyond the usual norms of acceptable creativity

transgressive fiction

When I sit down to read the New York Times Sunday Edition I have a pre-conditioned format.   I start with the Magazine Section, and then turn to the New York Times Book Review.   These two sections represent my highest priority when it comes to Sunday reading. This past week I was sailing along enjoying the […]

HOME IN/HONE IN: to direct to a targeted location

home in

It’s a toss-up whether you choose to use the term home in or hone in.  They basically mean the same thing. However, the deeper grammatical differences are important.  You may want to think about how you use these terms.  Here is a short lesson in definitions of the two. Home in is the preferred term […]