VOTE: to express or signify will or choice in a matter, as by casting a ballot


Finally, after millions of dollars and innumerable hours of television advertising, tons of lawn signs, phone calls from all over the country (even though it’s local elections this year,) and doorbells ringing all hours of the day and evening, it is election day in the United States.   The candidates have done their thing.  Volunteers are exhausted.  Television and radio companies are celebrating their full coffers.

Today is our day…the day belongs to the voters.   While there may still be candidates out and about at breakfasts, on street corners, and showing up at gathering places, the most important moment of the day is mine (and yours) when we walk into the polling place, sign in, and then fill out our ballot and submit it to the secure box.   I plan to do it, then go to Starbucks and read the paper.  It may be one of the more relaxed moments for me in a long time.

It’s hard not to be affected by the campaigning.   It dominates everything we do for several weeks (and months.)  Go to a ball game, and during the “down moments” everything turns to politics.   Try to enjoy a cup of coffee at Starbucks, and the same thing happens.  Dinner table conversation is consumed by politics.  And…did you even try to enjoy a good television show for the past several weeks?  Did you know there were that many candidates running?   And why do the same ads keep repeating over and over again?

The bottom line is that we have been kidnapped by election mania.

So…get to the polling station to which you are assigned and put some finality to the process.

That is, until tomorrow…when we begin the lead-up to the 2016 Presidential year elections.   Who’s kidding whom?  It began a long time ago.


Illustration Credit: bukkit

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