IMBROGLIO [im-BROL-yoh] : a confused or perplexing political or interpersonal situation


It’s getting to be a regular scene in legislatures all over the place.   Conflict instead of collaboration.   It begins with the U.S. Congress and works its way down to state , county  and even local municipalities.   The divisions between parties and individuals who exist to further the legislative process are greater than ever and they […]

MERCURIAL: fickle, flighty, erratic


The vocabulary of psychology has become so familiar in this country, that we are prone to using psychological terms freely.   Sometimes we get it right, and sometimes we’re way off target. I think, for instance, of the term ADHD, an authentic category of adolescent behavior which has a clinical component to it.  It can be […]

CUT OFF MY NOSE….: to hurt yourself in an effort to punish someone else

cut off nose

How many times do we use a figure of speech without thinking how it must sound to someone just learning the language?  One of the features of my favorite TV show, NCIS, was the humorous way in which Zeva, an Israeli native, confused the language of figures of speech.  It struck me the other day […]

QUOTIDIAN: re-occuring on a regular (daily) basis


I never intended for my visit to Starbucks to become a quotidian event.  Meeting someone there was just a once-on-the-calendar thing. But for some reason, I went back the next day, and the barrista recognized me and welcomed me back.   Before I knew it, I had driven across the city four days in a row, […]

RAMEKIN [RAM-i-kin]: either a small dish for baking or a savory casserole prepared in such a dish


For those of us who thought cooking was just about plopping some ingredients into a bowl and popping it into the oven, it is a rude awakening to discover that a truly good cook is a mixture of artist, scavenger and chemical engineer.   It amazes me what chefs and ordinary cooks go through to produce […]

No Post on Weekends


I’ve decided to back off on posts on the Weekends.   Since the Fall of 2009 I’ve been writing here pretty much every day.  It’s a good routine, but given our lifestyle at the present time, it makes sense to use the weekends differently.  So I’ll be posting on Monday through Friday, but not on Saturday […]