Did you ever notice that those surrounding The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. included a good number of clergy, including Priests, Ministers and Rabbis?  I raise that  in response to those who say that clergy should never get involved in political action.  “They should stick to preaching and pastoral care” is what they say.  What men and women like MLK have taught us is that ordained clerics who believe that their vocation is to serve humankind in the name of God would find it almost impossible to stay away from the issues we tend to call “politics.” Landscape

When you think of the great leaders of the past century you can’t avoid the names of Bonhoeffer, Tutu, King, and now Pope Francis…each of who felt the spiritual passion to lead people who needed new strength, power and a voice.

Today we celebrated the life, leadership and ministry of Martin Luther King, Jr.  His life as a  Christian pastor, a great man, and a political leader will inspire us for centuries to come.




Photo  Credit:  KUOW


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