BULLY (v.): to use an unfair advantage to pressure a person into undesired compliance

bulliesThe very idea that the Senate will not allow the President of the United States to name a new member of the U.S. Supreme Court is, to me, a form of bullying.

The claim is that it is inappropriate to make such an appointment in a political year.  That’s a pile of crap.  It has been done before, and even if it hadn’t, there is no legal prohibition that applies.   This is not about election year protocol.  It is about the Republicans refusing to cede the majority to the Democrats.   Why would that be legal or even proper?

When ever there is a change in the Presidency that sitting President has the right to make appointments which may, or may not, change the political leaning of the Court.   We have done that over and over again in the history of this nation.  It has not been the end of the earth.  The liberal or conservative leanings of the Court learn to adjust to their proper place.  Sometimes we are even surprised to discover that we were wrong about how specific Justices would lean.  Sometimes they didn’t lean at all.

The Constitution is clear about the process, and it says nothing about exceptions for presidential elections.  This is just more of the stubborn, immoral, and inappropriate manner of the current band of neocon Republicans who can think of nothing outside destroying the presidency of Barack Obama.

Let me put it another way.  It is racist.   I have tried to give the obstinate Republicans the benefit of the doubt over and over throughout the past seven years.  It doesn’t work.   There is only one thing I can see which causes them to act like they do toward President Obama.  He is African-American, and they are not going to give him any slack to prove that he is a capable, hard-working and effective leader of our nation.  Fortunately, he has been able to overcome that bias for seven years, and has been remarkable in his role as leader of this nation.

But in this case, the obstinate bullying of the Republicans, particularly the leaders of the majority in the Senate, is a public slap in the face to President Obama.

Shame on them.


Cartoon Credit:  rightwingnews.com

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