LOGISTICS [loh-JIS-tiks]: the planning, implementation, and coordination of the details of a business or other operation


When traveling throughout the United States we continually come across moving vans on the road.  Having moved as many times as we have, we are attracted to the image.

It is then that I discover the word on the truck about which I’m curious.  Logistics. 

Now, from my perspective, logistics is a word associated with math.  Don’t ask me why.  Maybe it’s a connection to logic, which is very mathematical.   But the word has always been a math term to me.  And, of course, I know it as a military term.  It has to do with the moving around of equipment, weapons, materials, and troops to make a strategic attack.   I suppose that’s the connection to the moving van use of the word.

Moving vans are engaged in the process of rearranging lives.   They pack up personal items, move them out of a house or office into a truck.   Transport them to a new location.  Move them into the new location and arrange them where the owner (thinks he)wants them.  But it’s more than that.

A moving van team becomes a part of the family.   In them is invested trust, and a lack of anxiety.  They allow a family to make a difficult move (or an exciting move) without the stress of the physical labor required to transfer a family from one place to another.  That is all about logistics.

There is a strange feeling that comes over a family as they watch the van pull away from the home in which they have lived, maybe for their whole lives up to this point.   It’s not at all uncommon for them to think to themselves, There goes everything we own.  In a few days we’ll see it again in our new home.

There is a tremendous amount of emotion in moving a family.  It may be a happy moment, or a sad one.  Friends gather to hug, cry and give gifts for the trip.  Pets are resistant to getting in the car, almost knowing that this is a good bye.  One last look at the house brings with it an image of who will be living in my old bedroom, eating in our old dining room, watching TV in our old family room.   And maybe even discovering my secret place of solitude under the stair case where I have written my name and the date on the studs.

Logistics can’t make that emotion go away.  But it can soften it by assuring a family of security and care for their belongings.   That trust will be affirmed on the other end, when the dining room table arrives without a scratch, the TV is not broken, my old bed is reassembled and looks just perfect in my new bedroom, and the moving man may even discover a new secret place for me as he seeks out places to store things not needed right away.

That’s part of logistics, also.  In a day or two that team will be unloading another home and moving a family to some other location.  But in our family’s mind, we were their most special family, and we will look for them on the road.  Surely they will recognize us.


Photo Credit:  Mayflower Moving

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