Jed WaverlyJed Waverly
Providence, Rhode Island

 I’m a writer of fiction, but into that career I have taken on the opportunity to write this blog every day.   It’s a part of my routine now, having been at it since Fall, 2009.  So far I’ve published nearly 2,000 postings on such varied topics that I’m not even tempted to begin listing them. (If you go to the “archives” button it will take you back to the beginning . )

Writing comes somewhat naturally to me.  Even as a kid I was writing pieces that caught people’ attention. But it took some input into the craft before I was ready to go public.  Over the course of my academic career I did a lot of writing and had the opportunity to be guided by very good teachers, professors, and mentors.  Recently, I have taken numerous courses in writing at Brown University.

I’ve been a part of writing groups, attended workshops and seminars, and I have found myself surrounded by professional writers in my daily sojourn to Starbucks.  We have plenty of time to share stories, critique each other, and drink a lot of coffee. It may well be the best resource I’ve found for honing my writing skills.

The blog is my attempt to introduce words that we use fairly commonly in everyday language, although I’ve been known to play around with a foreign term every now and then, such as “pie a la mode.”  I try to hone in on origins of words, and then I engage in commentary about the way the word affects us in daily life.  Sometimes the commentary is academic; sometimes it is personal.

I appreciate your looking in on my blog.  My website (Jed Waverly) will take you beyond the blog to other forms of writing in which I’m engaged.  I hope you’ll follow me and comment when you have a thought about what I’ve written.


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(Illustration credit to Elizabeth Whelan)