RENOWN [ri-NOUN]: famous, well-known


My wife has a growing practice in New England which is getting a good amount of publicity.  In one article about her recently, she was identified as “…the renown….”  It took us by surprise, and caused some laughter…maybe nervous laughter more than anything else.  The reality is that in her field she is getting to […]

CONFLAGRATION: a destructive fire


Yesterday a massive fire occurred in Providence involving several three-story apartment buildings housing Providence College students.  Thankfully, no students were injured, but more than a dozen firefighters were transported to hospitals with a variety of injuries and conditions.  One firefighter is fighting for his life, having breathed in dangerous chemicals resulting from the fire. It […]

FEAR: a sometimes irrational anxiety over the unknown


I have spent the past couple of hours watching the report of a terrorist attack against the people of  Brussels, Belgium.  The pictures are graphic, the stories of people are tragic, and the effect of the attack is sobering. It is clear that this is a terrorist attack.   There are reports of gunshots, Arabic shouts, […]

FAIR: free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice


I’ve just finished listening to the President nominate Judge Merrick Garland for the empty seat on the U.S. Supreme Court.  His choice is a good one, which appears to be based entirely upon Judge Garland’s credentials and temperament. That is what the Constitution asks for, and President Obama has used great discretion in making this […]

INDENTURED: a contract by which a person, as an apprentice, is bound to service


I’ve been as confused as anyone by the difference  between a slave and an  indentured servant.  I was under the impression that the latter was just a euphemism, or gentler way of defining a slave.  To the contrary, it turns out that they are quite different terms, and their meaning has a clear distinction. Slaves […]



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