PENULTIMATE: next to last…as in, this is my penultimate posting for this blog


This is the 1,999th posting I’ve made to this blog. Tomorrow, the 2,000 posting, will be my last.  People have written to ask if I’m sick and dying, moving, or some other tragic reason. No, I’m just moving on to something new.  It’s not perfectly clear what that will be, but I have a couple […]

RENOWN [ri-NOUN]: famous, well-known


My wife has a growing practice in New England which is getting a good amount of publicity.  In one article about her recently, she was identified as “…the renown….”  It took us by surprise, and caused some laughter…maybe nervous laughter more than anything else.  The reality is that in her field she is getting to […]

A True Story


Last week my wife and I went into our favorite independent bookstore, Books on the Square, in Providence.   We found our book quickly and went to the counter to pay for it. There was a little girl, probably about 8 years old, standing there with her desired purchase in her hand.  She handed it […]



No kidding.   My wife and I went to Florida for a brief vacation, but I was sick all the way down, and all of the days except two that  we were there.  Fortunately, we were in a very comfortable setting where people were concerned about me. I ended up at an Urgent Care facility, had […]

SERENAGE [sair-en-AHJ]: to sing softly into the ear of little child to put them to sleep


{This is yesterday’s post, which didn’t print out properly.  I’ve fixed it, so here is your second post for today.  A bonus!}  Jed __________________________________________     Men often get a “bad rap” when it comes to childcare.   Granted, there were times in the not-so-distant past when the care of children was almost exclusively the role […]

DARN: to mend, as torn clothing, with rows of stitches,


We live in a disposable society.   I first realized this one day several decades ago when someone referred to us being a “Bic Society.”I thought they were saying “Big Society” until it clicked with me.  They were describing Bic Lighterswhich are disposable, throw-away lighters.  When the fuel in them is gone, instead of refilling the […]