You might say, “Oh, what the heck.  It’s only a primary. ” Well, this primary is very important.  The 2016 elections are turbulent, and every vote will count.  The candidates will be determined by the way people respond in the primary.   I don’t want to be left out. And, yes, I’m voting for former Secretary […]

DIVINE RIGHT: The doctrine that kings and queens have a God-given right to rule


In the 18th Century a conflict arose over the ability of the  British Parliament to be able to govern over the monarch.   It highlighted a theory proposed that said that the monarch is established by God, and therefore has a Divine Right to rule. It wasn’t the first time the concept had been raised* but […]

CONCILIATORY [kuh n-SIL-ee-uh-tawr-ee]: likely to placate or pacify


This will be short. In the current political environment there are a number of words which have become verboten.  Among them: cooperate collaborate concession conciliatory respect dialogue conference deference There are others.  They seem to appear on a daily basis. The one I chose for today’s posting, is conciliatory, a word that describes the attitude […]

BLUNDER: a gross, stupid, or careless mistake


We all mess up sometime. Believe me, I won’t begin to relate the dozens and dozens of times in my life when I’ve made a bad choice, used the wrong word, or said something that came out wrong.  It’s part of the human character to fail to function at 100% for an entire lifetime. But […]

GLOBAL: a way of thinking that goes beyond one’s local issues


There was a time when it seemed as if one’s thinking about such issues as conservation, farming, industrial development, and similar statistics could be restricted to what happened within the region in which one lived or worked.   After all, how I plowed my fields, planted my products, or fertilized the earth  was something that went […]

SIMPLISTIC: trite, to reduce a complex idea to an easy, uncomplicated level


The story is told of a theologianwho gets on a plane and finds himself seated next to an astronomer.   They greet each other and begin talking about their respective vocations.  At one point the astronomer says to the theologian, “I have come to the conclusion that all religion can be summarized by the phrase: Do […]