LOSS: not to win (duh)


If you were among those of us who watched the Master’s Tournament on Sunday, you may understand the sadness I felt when 22-year-old Jordan  Spieth blew it on the 12th hole, falling from first place to a tie for fourth.   He had led the tourney from the beginning and was 5 strokes in the lead.  […]

SANDLOT: an empty lot in an urban setting


There’s something very romantic about hearing a professional baseball player tell us that his first experience with the sport was playing sandlot baseball in his youth.  It was a game that took some creativity on the part of those who wanted to play. A  sandlot is an abandoned tract of land in an urban setting […]

INDENTURED: a contract by which a person, as an apprentice, is bound to service


I’ve been as confused as anyone by the difference  between a slave and an  indentured servant.  I was under the impression that the latter was just a euphemism, or gentler way of defining a slave.  To the contrary, it turns out that they are quite different terms, and their meaning has a clear distinction. Slaves […]

OUTLIER: someone who stands apart from others of his or her group


This political season has given rise to the use of any number of words that have a “fresh” meaning to them.  Among those words is the term outlier.  It’s not a new word, having been around since the 1600’s having been used to describe stones that have been quarried buy not used.  They lie around […]

NIGGLE: to criticize, especially constantly or repeatedly, in a peevish or petty way; carp:


A niggle has a number of variable meanings.   It can be something as simple as a persistence of attention to an insignificant issue.  Or it can be to work ineffectively.   In soccer (or international football) a niggle is an injury, hopefully a small one. But the definition I have chosen to pursue today is that […]

CONCUSSION: injury to the brain or spinal cord due to jarring from a blow, fall, or the like. *


Not having been athletic at any point in my life, I have been spared from many of the injuries and maladies suffered by friends and companions.   However, it doesn’t mean that I have been home free. A year or so ago I was injured in a home accident and I was thrown to the floor […]