HAT TRICK: the term used for an athlete scoring three goals in a single game

Hockey is one of the many sports in which the term hat trick is used to indicate that an individual player has scored his or her third goal in a single game.   But we Americans might be shocked to know that it was not a term original to hockey. In fact, the term is British, […]

GOOD ENOUGH: another example

We knew  a long time ago that we wouldn’t see the Boston Red Sox in post season competition.  I just hasn’t been a good season for the American League team.  Injuries, trades, and a very sketchy pitching performance for the team all contributed to a less than stellar experience.   Many friends of Red Sox fans […]

LINGO: the language and speech, especially the jargon of a particular field, group, or individual:

I’m having fun listening to the commentators for Major League Baseball.  I spend most of my time following the Red Sox, so Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy have become part of our family.   Don is a little bit more professional as a commentator, and Jerry is a retired Red Sox second baseman.   Their approach to […]

IMBROGLIO [im-BROL-yoh] : a confused or perplexing political or interpersonal situation

It’s getting to be a regular scene in legislatures all over the place.   Conflict instead of collaboration.   It begins with the U.S. Congress and works its way down to state , county  and even local municipalities.   The divisions between parties and individuals who exist to further the legislative process are greater than ever and they […]

YINZ: a way of expressing “you” in a plural form (in Pittsburgh, anyway)

If you’ve never lived in the South, you probably don’t have the word “y’all” in your vocabulary.  But nearly everyone knows  that it’s the way southerners refer to a group of people.  “Y’all”…it means “you all.” It’s somewhat of a colloquial figure of speech, often mimicked or mocked by persons from other parts of the […]

FLATED: The state of an object either before being deflated or after being inflated.


Okay, so the past week or so has been dominated by stories about the alleged football deflation by the Patriots.  Every day the story gets more and more complicated and less and less interesting.   With the Super Bowl just days away, it seems stupid to be wasting a lot of time on something that may […]