USURY: charging a fee or interest which is exaggerated and obscene on a product or service.

The key words in the political campaigns being waged this year are  “economic inequality.”  It doesn’t matter which party or candidate you choose to check out.  They are all either defending it or blasting it.   Some of the dialogue is passionate and concerned.  Some of it is cruel and uncaring. The point is that the […]

FATALIST: one who believes that all events of the future are pre-determined and set, regardless of human influences

It is a common understanding among those who are pre-determinist Christians that everything is the work of God  That is not to be taken as a statement that it is a legitimate Christian trait, however.  The belief of pre-determined results is a foundation of fatalists. These are the people who believe that God is involved […]


The Christian world observes today, April 3, as Good Friday.  It is the day which falls three days before Easter Day, allowing for the biblical story that on the third day after Jesus of Nazareth was crucified he arose from the dead. The day of Easter is fixed by a formula established in the early […]

PAS (Physician Assisted Suicide): a situation in which a terminally ill person receives information and instruction about the patient ending an unbearable life

It may not be the best term to use in writing this post, but Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) is helpful in you understanding from the beginning what this post is about.   Those who promote this process prefer such terms as Compassionate Assistance, or similar phrases.   I’ll stick with PAS just to make the post simpler. […]

HYMN: a song with spiritual foundation

I’m one of those unusual people who really pays attention to the words of music.  Especially in church.   It really bothers me when I find us singing  a hymn in which the words are diametrically opposed to the stated theology of my faith. Why are we singing it? 1) It’s an old favorite and the […]

LABYRINTH [LAB-uh-rinth]: an intricate pattern of paths leading to central location

Many people confuse the concept of labyrinth with that of a maze.  That includes dictionaries, such as If we were to listen to the dictionary experts, we would believe that a labyrinth is a confusing, intentionally mysterious, configuration meant to lead people through a maze of corridors which can become disorienting and frightening.   We […]