CONCILIATORY [kuh n-SIL-ee-uh-tawr-ee]: likely to placate or pacify


This will be short. In the current political environment there are a number of words which have become verboten.  Among them: cooperate collaborate concession conciliatory respect dialogue conference deference There are others.  They seem to appear on a daily basis. The one I chose for today’s posting, is conciliatory, a word that describes the attitude […]

PALLIATIVE CARE: relieving pain or alleviating a problem without dealing with the underlying cause.

I started this posting yesterday, only to discover that I was off the mark in my explanation of what we mean when we talk about palliative care for patients.  It is important to stress that palliative care is a medical program offered to patients at various levels of the seriousness of their illness.  The program is […]

SIMPLISTIC: trite, to reduce a complex idea to an easy, uncomplicated level


The story is told of a theologianwho gets on a plane and finds himself seated next to an astronomer.   They greet each other and begin talking about their respective vocations.  At one point the astronomer says to the theologian, “I have come to the conclusion that all religion can be summarized by the phrase: Do […]

MINDFUL: attentive, aware of


I’m reminded that there is a difference between a brain and a mind. The brain is the instrument, and the mind is the product of the brain.  As you can imagine, the brain is a tactile, physical thing which, if you are a doctor (particularly a pathologist) you can actually pick up and hold in […]

SERENAGE [sair-en-AHJ]: to sing softly into the ear of little child to put them to sleep


{This is yesterday’s post, which didn’t print out properly.  I’ve fixed it, so here is your second post for today.  A bonus!}  Jed __________________________________________     Men often get a “bad rap” when it comes to childcare.   Granted, there were times in the not-so-distant past when the care of children was almost exclusively the role […]

JUSTICE: a system in which fairness is employed to judge each other

lady justice

Today’s word, justice, was suggested to me by one of my newest friends who just happens to be a fourth grader. She is a girl who “collects” words and has a growing and very adult vocabulary. It is fun when kids share a passion for words with me. They immediately pass to the top of […]