METTLE: courage and fortitude; spirit


I was sitting at a college football game when I heard the parent of one of the players say, This is a good way to test his mettle.” I immediately knew that I had the next word I wanted to post in this blog. Mettle is a word that comes up regularly in conversations, articles, […]

STATE: condition, status


When the President steps before the microphone Tuesday evening to deliver the 2014 State of the Union Address, the eyes of the nation…indeed, the eyes of the world…will be upon him.   It is this annual speech to which the people turn to hear the agenda for the next year…as the President hopes it to be. […]

BLOVIATE: to speak pompously


We’re not in an election season (officially), but it only takes the wink of an eye before the 2014 elections are upon us.  Already, there are candidates announcing their intentions to run.  Smart ones are announcing their intention to establish a committee to explore the possibilities of running.   That gives them an out if they […]

CONTRAPUNTAL: two or more relatively independent melodies sounded together.


  I’m well aware that the term contrapuntal is reserved almost exclusively for the field of music.   It describes two tunes or melodies which are played at the same time, fighting against each other.  To oversimplify it, it is as if you are playing “Mary had a little lamb” with your left hand on a […]

SCANDAL: the flurry of interest in an offense caused by a fault or misdeed.


This has been a week for scandals.  In just a matter of days the media  was bombarded with stories of IRS shenanigans involving Tea Party and other conservative applications for tax-free status, new allegations regarding the Benghazi tragedy, and the report that the Federal Government has allegedly peeked into private communications involving reporters from the […]