ETHICS: a system of moral principles


  Ethics is an oft-debated concept which has to do with morals,the way society interprets peoples’ ethical decisions.  Ethics is a word derived from the Greek word ethos, which means common, as in “the common way of understanding something.” For some, the decision to support the death penalty, for instance, is a moral choice based […]

VALUE JUDGMENT: a statement which declares something to be “right” or “wrong” ; a personal preference portrayed as a standard

As children we were constantly receiving value judgments from parents, teachers, neighbors, or anyone who thought they had the right to influence our choices. No, don’t eat that.  It’s bad. Good little boys don’t do that. We never say that in public. You must always do what your teacher says. Good writers never use that […]

GENOME: the complete picture of my inherited genes

The scientific process which uncovered the genetic makeup of individuals and developed the study of genomes is well beyond my comprehension.  It seems that scientists have discovered the ability to isolate and study every single gene in the human makeup.  That boggles my mind. Its application is the ability to scan each person’s genetic pool […]