HORSEY: a word to describe a person with a long face


There have been a number of pictures of Secretary of State John Kerry in the news this past week.  He was thrown from his bicycle and broke his leg in the process. I was studying a picture of him, thinking how distinguished he looks, and how his face gives off a sense of intelligence and […]

CHURCHILLIAN DRIFT: the act of ascribing a quote inappropriately to the wrong person


A flub on the part of the U S Postal Service has produced a stamp on which poet and author Maya Angelou is depicted.   Nobody I know would dispute the idea of Angelou being displayed on the envelope in which they send off messages.   She was certainly one of the great people of the 20th […]

ARCHETYPE [AHR-ki-tahyp] : an ideal, or typical example

It would probably embarrass him to be known as such, but the fact is that Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, has become an archetype of the role.   That is to say, Lincoln is the President against whom  the succeeding Presidents have been compared.  It doesn’t matter which political party  the President […]