GLITCH: a defect, malfunction or error that interrupts a plan


We’ve all heard all that we need to hear about the glitches in the registration process for the Affordable Care Act.  There is no question that some serious problems caused the system to malfunction, bringing about severe criticism of the administration for failure to test the system appropriately before going on line.  To the administration’s […]

RUN AMOK : to go awry, to steer away from the planned course


There’s really no mystery as to the meaning of the common term  to run amok.  We use the words all the time to reference a plan that has gone berserk, running in all directions rather than according to plan. Just ask any nursery school teacher about the word and you’ll get a knowing smile.  Put […]

FALLACIOUS: deceptive, misleading


It’s a little bit more serious than calling it just a “lie.”  Fallacious is a word that implies a serious intent to deceive, to mislead.    Lies can sometimes just bubble out without a lot of preconceived intent.   But a fallacy is an idea expressed which the “teller” knows to be untrue and which is intended […]

PREPOSTEROUS [pri-POS-ter-uhs]: absurd; senseless; utterly foolish


I wrote a blog posting recently in which I cautioned against the flippant use of superlatives.   I think it was good advice.   But every now and then there is an appropriate use of a superlative, and this may be one.  What I am going to write  about is not just bad, or even […]

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF: willful destruction of personal property motivated by ill will or resentment


So yesterday I talked with you about mischief, the innocent kind that kids do to have fun, and (hopefully) not at the expense of others.   But I mentioned that there is another kind of mischief  referred to as malicious mischief.   It, too, can be undertaken by kids, and sometimes ends up looking like vandalism, […]