IRASCIBLE: angers easily

This word, irascible, is one which describes someone who has no control over anger.   It fumes from them at the slightest provocation. Strangely, it is a word which is somewhat reserved for older men, and there is a somewhat condoning character to its use.    It isn’t at all uncommon for someone to describe their aging […]

SANDWICH GENERATION: middle agers caught between caring for children as well as elderly parents

This may not be a new term to you, but sandwich generation is a term which needs to be lifted up every now and then just to remember what some people are experiencing.  It is a term which became popular in the 1980 era, which refers to the dual-care role played by many Americans these […]

SENIOR MOMENT: when an otherwise-familiar word or name escapes you

Appropriately designated as a characteristic of aging, senior moment is a term that enters into one’s life more and more as the years pile up.  You don’t have to be elderly to have a brain freeze moment; it can happen to anyone.  But it sure seems to be more and more frequent as the hair […]

AFFINAGE: the craft of adding flavor to cheese

Cheese has always been a significant part of my diet.   My father introduced me to various forms of “bleu cheese,” allowing me to become a lover of strongly-flavored, smelly cheeses at an early age.   We sometimes took a “Sunday drive” to a place in the Mohawk Valley of NY State (a couple of hours away) […]

BLUE HAIR: a pejorative comment about an older woman

When I was a child my grandmother would send me to Grants Department Store to get a bottle of “bluing” rinse.   It was a rinse that grey- or white-haired women used to give a little color and life to their hair.   It was applied after washing the hair.  She would let it set in for […]

CLEW: a ball of yarn

I mentioned in a previous posting that I am reading The Lake of Dreams, the new novel by my friend, Kim Edwards.  Her novel is laced with very powerful theological  references, reflecting Kim’s own spiritual journey, I suspect. At one point she references the labyrinth, a spiritual exercise of ancient Greece, but dating back numerous […]