FUNGINEERING: the felt necessity on the part of management to create a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace


I listened to a very interesting interview on Boston Public Radio in which Jim and Margery (the hosts) were talking with a professor from Harvard about the changing character of the workplace.   The point around which they were surrounded was the issue of whether a company has a right to insist that its employees be […]

COWED [koud]: frightened with intimidation


To be cowed is to be so frightened and intimidated by someone that it causes you to shrink and accede to their demands.  It is a word from the Norse/Danish languages which means to oppress.  It has found its way into the American English language in the sense of intimidation and pressure so great that […]

PUBLISH: to issue for sale or distribution to the public.


It’s just a matter of timing, I suppose, but several of us in our writing group are ready to publish.  We have gone through the lengthy process of writing several drafts of our work,  editing it several times by several people, and workshopping it in the group.  Some of us have passed it by professional […]