VASE: Is it [veys] or [vahz] ?


It isn’t really the serious academic debate one might expect it to be.   It’s all about the pronunciation of the word VASE.  I’m sure you have been a part of the conversation more than once.  Maybe you’re shopping in a furnishings store or admiring a piece of pottery in someone’s home.   Maybe you ask […]

ALL RIGHT: just fine, okay

“During an Orlando Magic game against the visiting Knicks, cheerleader Jamie Woode fell on her head on the court while attempting a trick, and had to be taken to a local hospital. The incident caused a delay in the game, and although she had to be taken to a second hospital, word is that Woode […]

RAKED: inclining from the vertical or horizontal

The article I read referred to an auditorium filled with raked seating.   Was it typographical error?  Or was I missing something? To me, the term raked refers to my lawn after the lawn people have been through and removed the leaves (although they use blowers more than rakes these days.) And I am familiar through […]

SAY (n.): one’s opinion in a matter under discussion

There are different categories of words in the American English language.  Some are formal, archaic, casual, slang, or even crude.   It bothers me when the use of words crosses categories.  It is like going to a concert of a city’s philharmonic orchestra and hearing them play “Hey Jude“.   It may be a good piece of […]

ALL RIGHT: or is it “alright?”

Every now and then I am asked to do some editing, something I really enjoy, and something for which I seem to have gathered some skills.   I’m better at spotting spelling, grammatical and syntax problems in someone else’s writing than I am in my own.  I suppose it’s the same thing as not letting a […]

NOES: the plural form of the word “no”

In a recent article I read the report of someone who was making the case that the Republicans in Congress are the” Party of No!” It is a  criticism which we have heard numerous times over the past eighteen months of the Obama administration.  Clearly, it is a technique decided upon and organized by the […]