DEATH: end of life

This may seem like a ghoulish posting, but it’s a legitimate result of thinking about significant words that are common in our language.    No, I’m not obsessing on death, and I’m not aware of being traumatized by someone’s death.  I’m just thinking out loud about something that I think is worth consideration. It bothers the […]

ETHER: the heavens

There I was, listening to the Diane Rehm Show on N.P.R. , when I heard Diane say something about drawing something in from the ether. She didn’t pronounce it like the anesthesia one takes for surgery.  It was pronounced like “leather” without the “l.”   I immediately recognized it as having something to do with the […]

ANESTHESIA: loss of sensation or consciousness

Yesterday I had a medical procedure which required anesthesia.  It is a repeatable offense, so I’m used to it by now.  But each time it occurs I find myself thinking about the sensation of it…or, to be honest, the lack of sensation. An invention of the nineteenth century, anesthesia is the creation of artificial unconsciousness.  […]