AMYGDALA [uh-MIG-duh-luh]: two almond-shaped groups of neurons located deep within the center of the brain


I know that my banner says that this blog will focus upon words used in common language.  And today is an exception.   I doubt very much if many of you (or any of you, for that part) use the word amygdala in regular conversations.   Unless, of course, you may happen to be a psychiatrist or […]

ANGER: a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence

Who doesn’t get angry?  Anger is a natural response to the perception that something wrong has occurred.  It is, under most circumstances, an emotion which just happens.  You don’t have to sit around and say to yourself, “Well, I think I’ll get angry now.” Under many circumstances anger can be a positive force in your […]

IRASCIBLE: angers easily

This word, irascible, is one which describes someone who has no control over anger.   It fumes from them at the slightest provocation. Strangely, it is a word which is somewhat reserved for older men, and there is a somewhat condoning character to its use.    It isn’t at all uncommon for someone to describe their aging […]

DANDER: anger

“Get my dander up” is a phrase that has been around since the early 1800’s.  It came into our language through the Dutch words “op donderon” which means to burst into a sudden rage.*  You and I have seen this phrase in action.  It occurs when everything is going along just fine in a dialogue, […]