STOOP: a small porch


We’ve talked before about archaic terms which date back to “the old days.”   Such as davenport (couch); galoshes (boots); and overhauls (jeans.)  But that’s not an exhaustive list.  There are many more. Today’s word, stoop, is one of them.  It is a word that means a small porch, or entry way.    It is important that […]

PEDAGOGUE [PED-uh-gog]: a teacher; schoolteacher; professor; instructor


Sometimes a word creates a mental picture just by the sound of it.   Such a word is pedagogue, a word which refers to someone who is in the position of teaching or instructing.    That could be a pre-school teacher, a college professor, an agency trainer, a religious education instructor, a drill instructor in the Army, […]

SHALL: plan to, intend to

It’s not a new debate for linguists and other wordsmiths, but I suspect most ordinary people haven’t really thought about the use of the word shall.  Those of us who were in public school a half century ago labored over the word, learning “rules” that determined when we should use the word shall and when […]