TELEGNOSIS [tell-e-NO-sis]: learning from afar, intelligence which is seemingly beyond human capabilities


Lots of new words are cropping up all the time in this cybernetic age.   The speed and abundance of discoveries in the world of technology means the necessity of creating language to describe the phenomenon. Such is the word telegnosis. Its roots are ancient, found in the Greek language, where tele is a prefix referring […]

SENTIENT [SEN-shuhnt]: the ability to feel, perceive, or to experience


Sentient is a Latin word which moved over into English as a way of describing the phenomenon of experience which humans have apart from intelligence.  That is to say, we are able to identify the various stimuli, processes, and products of the mind which rely upon thinking, but sentience is a phenomenon which has to do […]

CYBORG: a person whose physiological functioning is aided by or dependent upon a mechanical or electronic device


I’ve never been a big fan of science fiction.  I’ve watched science fiction movies and tv shows…maybe only one episode of a series…but it has never been a great draw for me.  The only book I remember reading in the science fiction category that appealed to me was Steven King’s recent book, 11/22/63.   That book […]