PROTEAN [pro-TEE-uh n]: readily assuming different forms or characters; extremely variable*


  It must have been in Junior High school when I first saw an image of an amoeba.  In today’s world, it would occur much earlier, science being a higher priority than it was in “the day.” It was amazing to see the squirming creature change its shape before my eyes, somewhat like that lava […]

HIGHFALUTIN [hahy-fuh-LOOT-n]: grandiose, pompous, pretentious

Highfalutin is one of those words that I didn’t think was a real word.  I thought it was just a nonsense term, but it turns out that it’s legitimate.   Bryan Garner lists the word as an Americanism which dates from the mid-19th century.  That’s about as much about the origin of the word that I […]

The Penultimate Posting: Tomorrow will be my 1,000th Blog Posting!

In October, 2009, I posted my first ever blog posting along with a promise that it would be the first posted every day.   Except for a couple of days when I was in the hospital and one when my technology failed, I’ve kept that promise and TOMORROW, AUGUST 29, 20112, WILL BE MY 1,000th POSTING […]


Lackluster is one of those words that says exactly what it means.   Something that is lackluster lacks luster; it is dull. This is a word that has many applications, including the description of a personality.  Someone who has no spark, energy, or ambition can be said to be lackluster.  That’s not to say that everyone […]