SIMPLISTIC: trite, to reduce a complex idea to an easy, uncomplicated level


The story is told of a theologianwho gets on a plane and finds himself seated next to an astronomer.   They greet each other and begin talking about their respective vocations.  At one point the astronomer says to the theologian, “I have come to the conclusion that all religion can be summarized by the phrase: Do […]

EARTH: the third planet from the Sun in this configuration of the Solar System in which we live

If you were to stand on a pedestal at the top of Mount Everest you might look around, 360 degrees, and think that you have surveyed the entire world.   In fact, you are at the highest point on this planet, and, barring clouds and storms, can see a magnificent spectacle.   But it is, in no […]

QUOTE: “Nature doesn’t know mathematics; but nature demonstrates mathematics.”

moon phases

My coffee shop friend, Dr. Pavlides, shared another quote with me the other day.  I think I’m paraphrasing it, but as I remember it he said, “Nature doesn’t know mathematics; but nature demonstrates mathematics.”  I new immediately what he was saying, but the concept was not to leave me and has been rattling around in […]