MISANTHROPE [MIS-uhn-throhp]: a hater of humankind


Given the atrocities we observe in places like Syria, is it any wonder that we have to ask the question about motivation? Specifically, what is the motivation for a national leader who seemingly willingly slaughters his people without regard for their relationships,ages, or circumstances. I can only come to the conclusion that Syrian President Bashar […]

AGNOSTIC [ag-NOS-tik] : a person who denies or doubts the possibility of the existence of God


The confusion between the meanings of agnostic and atheist are sometimes confused, not only by the person reading the terms, but by the persons using the terms.  When someone embraces a position of opposing organized religion it may be more emotional than intellectual, and the person may skip several steps … including the need to […]

PUBLIC PRAYER: posting #2 this week

  I drew some commentary (not all in written comment) this week about Tim Tebow and his public prayer life.   It’s good to have dialogue on such topics.   Having said that, here’s posting #2 which, again, is not meant to be the ranting of a contrarian.   These are subjects about which people are talking, and […]