MOJO: uncanny personal power or influence


I’ve been traveling through this world of words for several years now not knowing, and not even caring about, knowing about the word mojo.   I hear it all the time on TV, in the movies, and in the media.  I guess I just assumed that I knew what it meant and didn’t feel the need […]

PRACTICE: to train … or … to perform after much preparation

Stand-up comedians get a lot of traction out of the idea that doctors, lawyers, or other professionals are known to “practice medicine (etc.) for years.”   The standard drum roll line is, “Wouldn’t you think they’d get it right by now?” It’s a play off the multiple meanings of the word practice, which can, indeed, mean […]

KINESIOLOGY [ki-nee-see-OL-uh-jee]: the study of the way in which one’s body structure determines movement

With all the visibility of the XXX Olympics it is hard to let an evening go by without thinking about the unbelievable capabilities of the human body.   Watching the athletes bend, stretch, reach, and twist in incredible feats of athleticism, one can only marvel at the creation of the body. None of this would be […]